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Hi All! Welcome to Structural Yoga!

This work is my endeavour of 25 years of experience as a medical massage therapist and 16 years of experience learning and teaching movement therapy. Add another 500 hours of yoga teacher training/yoga therapy, and VOILA!!! Structural Yoga.

This Therapy is based on Science

In this type of structural correction there are certain protocols that are applied. For example. notice how the spine sits between the two pelvic bones and then the legs both insert into the same pelvic bones via the hip joints?

Image of pelvis If the pelvis is twisted, turned, flared, tilted etc., the position of the vertebra will be altered as will one or both of the hip joints. So this guy must be brought into balance first. From there we work on correcting and aligning shoulders. Breathing patterns must be addressed as well. Teaching muscles to tighten correctly and more importantly to relax fully when not working. And all the while maintaining that right amount of tone, so they and their tendons hold the joints in correct positions and move them in their proper directions. No compensation, no strain.

So in 6 or 8 week programs and 75 or 90 minute classes we learn these skills. Mindfully, breathing, occasionally laughing, having fun, and most of all, enjoying our increasing ability to improve our health. The movements (asanas) are done lying down, standing, sitting, or kneeling. Props are used and walls are used. Both sides of the body are worked simultaneously, then one sided exercises are applied. We work on balance. And at the end of all of that, we rest in contemplative silence.

The key is to work with each individual where they’re currently at. To understand what their abilities are and what their challenges are. Can a person who’s had back surgery do the same exercise as someone who hasn’t? If a person has a collapsed arch can they do a standing pose to create the same effect as someone who does the same pose with intact arches? So you see, we’re all different. Group classes are kept small then, to ensure adequate individual attention. Personal assessment, program design and instruction are available options as well.

How can I not love this therapy?

I consistently get to watch people become stronger, more flexible, and more free. I see at almost every class or session, bodies shift and change. People stand straighter, move easier. Their faces lighten up. They report sleeping better, they have less pain and for some, the pain/problem goes away entirely. One participant even told a story of her husband noting that her lips were redder (they were quite pale before). Why? She was getting more oxygen in the body as she learned how to breathe!

And me? As the first student of this work? It has been an on-going delightful and profound journey of becoming stronger, more flexible, more free as I explore my body through movement and my soul through the vastness of the yogic teachings.

Come join me for health, for rejuvenation, for relaxation.

— Marthe Murphy, RMT, RYT (500)

Class Schedule

All Classes are pre register only

Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:45 P.M.
Grovenor Community League 14325 – 104 Avenue

Wednesdays 9:15 – 10:30 A.M. and 11:30-12:45 A.M.
Central Lions Seniors Association 11113 – 113 Street

Fridays 9:15 – 10:30 A.M.
Westend Seniors Activity Centre 9629 – 176 Street

Also available:
Individual consultation and program design as well as small group classes for persons new to yoga and/or
with limited mobility. Please call or write for more information.

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6 week series on Saturdays 8:30‐9:30 A.M.